Directory submission: the best way for link building

Posted: 2009-04-30 05:26:59
Nothing could be as effective as is the online marketing. World Wide Web has bestowed amazing power to tech savvy marketing person. But, every immaculate action requires appropriate skill and it applies with internet marketing too. SEO (search engine optimization) is the skill which ideally determines the success of internet marketing. Today, New Zealand based leading SEO company seo4321 has announced special package for directory submission.

It was a small press and media briefing and seo4321 precisely shared each and every minute fact regarding directory submission. Let's have a look upon few important aspects of directory submission.
• Web directory is an ultimate way to generate one way link.
• Users can create specific category or directly submit their websites in existing relevant category.
• There are varieties of web directory viz. General web directory, Reciprocal link directory, Bidding web directory and many more.
• DMOZ is a good example of general web directory. In normal context, general web directory comprises of free listing as well as featured listing of all kinds of websites.
• Undoubtedly, one way linking is the highest category of link building but it is not so easy as well. Hence, SEO prefers reciprocal link directory. Reciprocal link building is comparatively easy.
• Niche web directory accepts only paid listing of any websites. Hence, it is also noted as a real estate web directory.
• Bidding web directories are the most respectable name. Keep the bid higher and get the best place on the web directory.

Number of links prominently determines search engine ranking and visibility of the website. Other off page search engine optimization like article, blog and press release submission also target maximum links. Whenever we submit write ups on different website, we try to find links through all the submission which eventually strengthens page ranking and search engine visibility of our websites.

Probably, link building through directory submission was the easiest one SEO work but rapidly prevailing demands of web directory has made it bit trickier. Paid submission is emerging as the biggest one hurdle.
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