: New Article Directory With Fresh Content

       By: Groshan Fabiola
Posted: 2009-02-22 05:14:08
Romania, Craiova based Internet content company has launched a new article directory - with fresh new content from fresh authors and sources.

Internet is the biggest source of information in existence today, and the hunger for information on every topic has created a huge demand for good quality website content that still remains unfulfilled. This new venture from caters to this market by bringing fresh and useful content to website owners around the world.

Launched with a ready base of over 150 articles and nearly 50 professional contributors, the article directory will feature an ever expanding selection of articles on topics as diverse as health, cooking, electronics, society, vehicles, politics, and many more. The website's regular contributors are expanding the repertoire every day.

Talking about the website, the webmaster of the website said, "The biggest battle on the Internet today is to find reliable sources of great quality content that's fresh, and that's relevant. That's the only way webmasters can make visitors come back again and again to their sites. Through, we wish to create such a source. We will be constantly expanding and adding to the website to achieve this objective."

The directory can also be used as a promotional tool for those who have launched a new website, venture, or product. "If someone has something to say about an issue, then he or she can prepare an article and submit to the website. Well-written articles and original articles will get the deserved attention and serve as a marketing tool." Said the webmaster.

Created using an advanced directory system, has all the important features that a webmaster and author needs. Including RSS feeds, article rating, Ezine, etc. The website also has an article popularity meter that will help identify articles that are the best in their category.

The website also has a forum where the contributors and users of the content can communicate and collaborate on new projects on the website and elsewhere.
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