Alltel Wireless Calls on Ketchum Directory Advertising

       By: Ketchum Directory Advertising
Posted: 2008-05-11 05:28:55
Alltel Wireless, America's largest network, has awarded its directive advertising account to Omnicom Group's Ketchum Directory Advertising following a review.

"We are delighted over our new relationship with Alltel Wireless and their understanding of the extraordinary value offered through local search advertising, and online and traditional offline channels," said Michele Markham, Ketchum's President and CEO. "Ketchum understands that consumers now have multiple options when they are searching for products or services. Our strong research capabilities allow us to define these choices and plan accordingly."

"Our ability to monitor and track the continuing evolution and migration of consumer shopping behavior at the national and local levels along with our strategic strength were key factors in Alltel's decision to choose Ketchum," explained Markham.

Ketchum will be planning and implementing Alltel's print yellow pages program as well as providing internet yellow pages and local search solutions.

About Ketchum Directory Advertising:

Ketchum Directory Advertising is a leading advertising agency specializing in directive media -- media used by consumers who are in an active purchase mode, including print and online yellow pages and search marketing. Headquartered in Kansas City with offices in Louisville, Pittsburgh, Chicago and Los Angeles, they are a best-in-class agency member of Omnicom Group, a global enterprise of leading marketing services and specialty communications firms.
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