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           23 February, 2019

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Pentest Limited Now Offers Static Code Analysis Tool

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2014-03-29 08:38:12     
Francesca Bowman

Altrincham, Cheshire - March 24, 2014 - Incorporated in 2001, Pentest Limited has a long standing commitment to quality and security standards, and holds certifications for ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2008. With over 13 years' experience specialising in application security, Pentest has a range of capabilities to improve the security of an application at every stage of the development lifecycle. In response to client demand, Pentest has focussed its recent efforts on improving awareness and capability among developers, to improve security during the development phase. Following the success of the Secure Coding Workshop for developers which was launched last year, Source Patrol further empowers developers to improve the security of their code at source.

"Once considered an optional afterthought, application security is now justifiably regarded as essential," says John Denneny, Managing Director at Pentest Limited. "Applications are the weak link in an organisation's defences - they are often designed with functionality in mind, and they offer a potential gateway to your internal systems. Source Patrol is designed to provide developers with an intuitive and simple means to evaluate the security of web applications."

"The intention is that developers quickly learn to avoid the common security mistakes that we as a company see all too frequently, educating and empowering the team thereby reducing both the number of security vulnerabilities and development costs," adds John.

Static code analysis is the analysis of computer software that is performed without actually executing programs in order to highlight possible vulnerabilities within the source code. Developed for Java applications, Source Patrol identifies vulnerabilities in the source code earlier in the development cycle, providing developers with a means of security testing their code on a regular basis throughout the development lifecycle. The tool delivers immediate reports highlighting lines of vulnerable code, and presenting recommended remedial actions.

In addition to Source Patrol, Pentest's Secure Coding Workshop is also aimed at improving security at the development stage. The two day workshop is a hands-on course designed for developers who wish to gain a greater understanding of common security vulnerabilities and the knowledge to ensure their applications are as safe as possible by developing and testing robust, secure code. John explains that the workshop "is not delivered by full time trainers, but is conducted instead by highly experienced consultants who are otherwise engaged in live application reviews and testing." The course contains real world, relevant examples and is tailored to each client's needs.

Pentest's services include web application security testing, infrastructure and perimeter testing, wireless security, database security and security strategy and architecture. "Our goal is to genuinely assist our clients in protecting their business from cyber-attacks, not to prop up the information security industry" concludes John.

About Pentest Limited

Pentest Limited, established in 2001 specialises in web application security and penetration testing services. The company has been awarded numerous accreditations in recognition of their commitment to quality, security and technical excellence.

Specialized in: Web Application Security Testing - Penetration Test - Pen Testing
URL: http://www.pentest.co.uk/
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