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           20 July, 2019

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Risk Factors for Leg Pain in Female Collegiate Athletes Identified (Popularity: )
Female college athletes participating in three popular fall sports - cross-country running, field hockey and volleyball - are more likely to experience exercise-related leg pain than those who play soccer, according to a study in the September issue of The American Journal of Sports Medicine. Other risk factors for exercise-related leg pain (more commonly known as "shin splints") were a prior history of this condition and excessive pronation (a rolling ...

New Weight Loss Nasal Spray Curbs Cravings & Boosts Energy (Popularity: )
A new nasal spray uses the power of Cayenne Peppers and Licorice Root to curb hunger cravings and boost the metabolism almost instantly. Although the Sinus Buster brand has already gained notoriety as the world’s first hot pepper nasal spray, their original product line was specifically designed to fight headache, sinus and allergy conditions. This new nasal spray is the brand’s first foray into the multi-million dollar weight loss market, ...

10 Tips on How to Make the Most of Your Doctor’s Appointments, By Parent and Family Health Management Expert Jodie Pappas (Popularity: )
Keeping good medical records for your family is one simple and possibly live-saving thing you can do to avoid medical mix ups such as allergic reactions to misdiagnosed medications. Jodie Pappas, Parent and Family Health Management Expert created the Get Organized Family Medical Journal to accommodate her own family’s needs when one of her children was born with a rare condition requiring regular doctor visits and surgeries. Says Pappas, by ...

Are Your Cholesterol Levels Causing Your Depression (Popularity: )
All of us have had some form of depression in our life. It would truly be a blessing if we could wake every morning and did not have to deal with the stresses of everyday life. Some studies have found that the condition may be linked to your cholesterol levels! They have also found that bad cholesterol levels may lead to Alzheimer's. These studies have found that cholesterol is important ...

Happiness is the Key to Physical Fitness and Weight Loss, Burns More Calories than Sadness (Popularity: )
A happy emotional state is the key to losing weight and obtaining physical fitness, says Dr. Joe Vitale, author of "The Attractor Factor and Life's Missing Instruction Manual." Those who are happy burn more calories than those who are depressed or angry. Happy people tend to take actions that burn more calories. As a result, they get trimmer. He should know: after years of struggling with his own weight issues, ...

New Baby Boomers Web Site Launched: Get it All Here - Targeted Information for Our G-G-Generation (Popularity: )
A baby boomer is someone who was born during the period of increased birth rates when economic prosperity arose in many countries following World War II. In the Western World, the term is iconic and more properly capitalised as Baby Boomers and commonly applied to people with birth years from the span 1946 to 1964, which may comprise more than one generation. Baby boomers presently make up the lion's share ...

Top Malaysian Cancer Center Begins Treatments Using World's Most Versatile and Advanced Radiotherapy Machine (Popularity: )
A leading cancer center in Malaysia has begun offering patients state-of-the-art radiotherapy treatments using a new Trilogy(R) linear accelerator from Varian Medical Systems. The NCI Cancer Hospital in Nilai, south of Kuala Lumpur, has launched treatment programs offering the latest in high-precision radiotherapy techniques, including intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT), image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT) and stereotactic radiosurgery. More than 40 patients have been treated on the versatile, all-in-one Trilogy machine since treatments ...

Fat Fighter FBCx Receives Kosher Certification (Popularity: )
ArtJen Complexus Holdings Corp. is pleased to announce that they have received kosher certification from Rabbi Gabriel Zinner of Brooklyn, NY for FBCx, the fat fighting fiber tablet. The popularity of FBCx is steadily growing so we are very pleased to be able to provide FBCx as Kosher certified According to ArtJen President, Dr. Catherine Jen, kosher certification is further evidence of the high standards to which FBCx is manufactured ...

TheTennisChannel.Com Celebrates Tennis' Premier Grass-Court Event with Content Package to Coincide with Wimbledon (Popularity: )
The Tennis Channel, the only 24-hour, television-based multimedia destination dedicated to tennis and the healthy, active lifestyle that surrounds it, has unveiled an online content package to coincide with Wimbledon, one of the most prestigious events in all of organized sports. In conjunction with London’s annual grass-court tennis tournament, www.TheTennisChannel.com features news, previews, updates, travel information, broadband video, message board access and a variety of other content fully dedicated to ...

Corgentech Pain Drug, 4975, Demonstrates Statistically Significant Pain Reduction After Knee Replacement Surgeries (Popularity: )
Corgentech Inc. (Nasdaq: CGTK) today reported positive, top-line clinical data from a Phase 2 clinical trial in total knee replacement surgeries showing that 4975, the company's novel, long-acting, non-opioid drug candidate being developed for site-specific, moderate-to-severe pain, demonstrated pain reduction at all pre-specified time intervals in the study, including statistically significant pain relief at day one (p=0.0273) and at day 14 (p=0.0071). The difference in average daily pain scores between ...